Lighting Services
Pin-Spot lighting creates a focal point to highlight your centerpiece details and unique décor of your event! Contact us for more details.
Audio Visual
LED Video wall
Video, Wall, Wedding, Corporate, Events, Boston
Illuminated Furniture
LED furniture, Boston,
Custom Monogram
Custom Monogram/Gobo
Celebrity Backdrop
Step and Repeat
The Xtreme Music Video
Music Video Boston
Live Entertainment
Bhangra Garba Dancers
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About Us

Xtreme Productions (XP) is comprised of a team of motivated professionals ranging from DJs, MCs, Lighting Technicians, Audio/Video Technicians, Live Video Coverage Directors, and more. We want to offer you a night to remember… hence our slogan, “The best night of your life, Just got better”. We don’t just want to talk the talk, but we do our best to walk the walk.

My name is Bunty, and the owner of the company, I am truly grateful about the talent, motivation, and enthusiasm my team brings to the table. Knowing that they are always willing to go for that extra mile without me asking them to do it just makes everything that much more priceless. There’s a good reason why we named the company ‘Xtreme’. Of course you wouldn’t know without actually experiencing one of our performances, or without actually knowing what really goes on behind the scenes. Don’t take my word… take it from our previous clients.


We have ideas that will hopefully take the wedding industry by storm, but until they are actually complete, you’ll just have to wait in line for that rollercoaster ride, but believe me, the ride will be worth it. Welcome to our journey!





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